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Ciao lived on an ordinary street in an ordinary town.

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Inaba Ciao

But she wasn’t your average, loll-around-the-house cat. Ciao had big dreams of one day discovering the very tastiest feline treats in the world. So after packing a light snack and texting “ciao for now” to her friends, she set off on her culinary quest.

For years, Ciao explored scores of far-off shores and prowled through dozens of distant lands, sampling every sort of treat. But to her tastebuds’ dismay, none of them quite made the grade. Then a Ciao-leaning-towerwise owl counseled Ciao to set sail without delay for the Dominion of Delicious.

Ciao made a dash for the nearest pet store as soon as she arrived, where she was delighted to find a treasure trove of tantalizing treats. She reached the conclusion that the Dominion of Delicious was aptly named after a single slurp and a bite.

So thanking her lucky stars, Ciao caught the next flight home with a suitcase full of treats for all her feline friends. Whenever she was commended for her expedition, she used to reply:

"It was a trivial trek for a cat. But a giant leap for all catkind."

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Inaba Ciao Happy Snackers
Inaba Ciao Happy Snackers

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