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Treats also work wonders if your cat is food motivated. Pieces of chicken (such as Halo’s Liv A Little) or tuna (such as the new Churu treats or Grilled Filets from Inaba Ciao should entice even the most hesitant cat. Reward your cat after even the most hesitant step and then continue to do so until she is moving across the room. Before long, your cat will be ready for the outdoors.

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Corduroy is wondering why he had to wait 26 years to try #ciao! He ate the whole Churu Purée @meowforciao

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Inaba Foods has launched two new lines of natural cat treats in the U. S.: Ciao Churu Purees and Ciao Grilled Fillets. Made without preservatives, grains, or artificial colors, the moist treats contain responsibly harvested tuna and farm-raised chicken. According to the manufacturer, they are one of a kind.

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Taka Mineyoshi, general manager at Inaba Foods USA, said the company’s Ciao line of Grilled Fillet and Churu Purée cat treats, introduced at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Fla., in March, combine whole food ingredients such as real, whole tuna and chicken fillets and a light, tasty broth.

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Nom nom nom ? @meowforciao #meowforciao #sayhello

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In the interest of full disclosure, my cats are unlikely to turn up their noses at anycat treats offered them. As long as they don’t contain kale, they’re in.

But they had a particularly ravenous response to the Ciao Natural Cat Treats, a Japanese treat now available in the U.S. Ciao is the best selling brand of premium wet dinners and treats in Japan, manufactured by a company that’s been in business since 1834. (Pet brands were launched in 1989.)

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Pets are family, and there are new gadgets, toys and treats to help with their care.

In fact more than 3,000 new pet products were introduced last week at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando.

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Japan’s feline brand, Inaba Foods, introduces Ciao natural treats for cats to the U.S. market. Churu Purées and Grilled Fillets are distinctively moist and each come in several flavors that cats crave.

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Slurp slurp ? @meowforciao

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INABA’S Ciao Churu Purée treat line of premium, all-natural options for cats comes in five varieties: Churu Tuna Recipe, Churu Chicken Recipe, Churu Chicken With Scallop Recipe, Churu Tuna With Chicken Recipe and Churu Tuna With Scallop Recipe. The creamy treats never include grains, preservatives, artificial colors or any ingredients from China.