when we swap stories about "the good old days," we're talking about 1805.

That’s when Mr. Yoshizo Inaba went into business, providing fresh-caught tuna to families near and far. Building on our seafood harvesting heritage, Inaba Foods branched into the pet food business in 1958. In 1989, the Inaba CIAO™ brand was born.

Today, Inaba CIAO™ is the most popular brand of premium canned cat dinners and treats in Japan. A key reason our company is thriving is because we’re fanatically focused on quality, innovation and taste.

The deep ocean tuna we use is sustainably harvested and certified dolphin-safe. Our cage-free chicken is naturally raised on closely supervised farms and everything is made without grains, preservatives or artificial colors.

As for food safety, every Inaba CIAO™ product is carefully prepared in our own state-of-the-art, FDA-registered facilities, which means we follow the same quality assurance procedures as a U.S. human food plant.  Even our packaging materials have special oxygen-blocking properties to protect the health of your cat!