our mission is delicious.

What would happen if your cat set out, like Ciao our spunky spokescat, to seek the world’s tastiest treats? What tastes, textures and aromas would entice her? Would she prefer her treats moist, semi-moist or dry? Would all of her feline friends agree?

Of course, there isn’t a definitive answer to the last question we posed because taste preferences aren’t all the same. But at Inaba Foods, we set out to create the most wholesome, healthy, universally tummy-tickling treats pet parents can possibly buy.

After years of sourcing, preparing, perfecting, and yes, even tasting, we introduced the world to Churu® Purées, the lickable treat for cats. Within days, thousands of four-legged foodies were meowing for this natural, savory snack. It soon became a best seller in Japan.

But instead of resting on our laurels (or family sofa like our spokescat), we went on to create a range of premium diets and treats for cats. Among the many tasty innovations we’re proud of is our line of Grilled Chicken and Tuna Fillets. We start with hand-cut portions of ocean-caught tuna or cage free chicken. Then we add a dash of all natural broth to keep them tender, and vacuum pack each fillet for freshness. (Did we mention that they’re highly nutritious?)

why proper hydration is important for cats.

Genetic studies suggest that cats evolved in a desert-like environment, in the vicinity of ancient Arabia. So they became experts at conserving water, deriving most of it from the prey they consumed. This may explain why many modern cats don’t drink enough water while eating their food. Unfortunately, this “bad habit” puts them at a higher risk of developing FUS and other urinary issues. Inaba CIAO™ Grilled Fillets and Churu® Purées are much higher in moisture than conventional treats, so they help provide the vital hydration cats need.