say ciao to Ciao.

Ciao took time from her hectic schedule of dozing, stalking, stretching and looking out the window for this personal interview. It was conducted on her elaborately clawed couch, which also serves as a home office.

Your career has certainly been on an upswing since you returned from your globe-trekking adventure with these intriguing treats. How does it feel to be thrust into the public eye?

Well, I’m not as famous as Grumpy Cat yet. I can deal with the paparazzi most of the time. They tend to get uncomfortable when I stare at them through the window.

Is there a secret about you that people don’t know?

I hate to admit it, but I have a bad habit when nobody’s watching of nibbling on my pet parents’ favorite houseplant. I also catch cat naps on the bedspread when they’re away.

We don’t get to see much of your family. Are your pet parents easy to get along with? Are they cool with all this media attention or not?

My folks aren’t big on publicity, they prefer to lead their own lives. Of course, like most families, we have our little disagreements. For instance, I’m frequently accused of hogging the remote control – how else can I stay current with Animal Planet? But I use a little human psychology to smooth things out.

Inaba CIAO™ Grilled Fillets and Churu® Purées have been described as moisture-rich treats. Why is this important for cats?

Like most cats, I’m a victim of circumstance. My ancestors evolved in a dry, desert environment where they got their moisture from the prey they ate. So today’s cats aren’t “hard wired” to drink enough water to keep their bodies properly hydrated every day. That’s why I steer clear of crunchy and even semi-moist treats. And dry dinners? Forget it!

Are you suggesting that Inaba CIAO™ Grilled Fillets and Churu® Purées are healthier to eat than other cat treats?

I could use this public soapbox to make catty remarks about those other brands, but that would be a waste of my fans’ time and mine.

What do you do to unwind?

I make sure to reserve plenty of quality time for sunbathing, manicures (a side-benefit of my couch-shredding exercises), and rubbing myself against as many corners as I can find.

Time out for some requests from your fans. What’s your favorite song?

A great little Lennon-McCartney ditty – “Hello, Goodbye.”

What’s your favorite poem?

The Owl and the Pussycat.

What are your favorite treats?

You must be kidding.

What’s at the top of your bucket list?

I’d really like to meet the chefs who created Inaba CIAO™ treats. They deserve their own Food Network show!